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So school started today. Fantastic. I like school and all, I like having a routine, but I had such a great summer and having to get up this morning was... hard. Really hard. I'm starting Lower Sixth (second last year of secondary school), so I don't have to do Maths anymore. Or Sciences. Or History. 
Why am I complaining again?
Oh right.
I don't have a problem with teachers. Or my timetable. Or even my year group (although a large number could use a swift kick in their smug asses). I have a problem with the school system. I don't see why anyone has a right to judge anyone's intelligence based on a paper completed by information you write from memory - or lack of.
But anyway! I had a great summer, like I said. I went to Hong Kong with my family, which was BEYOND amazing. I hung out with my friends pretty much every day, which was really cool. I've never had the freedom to do that before, just pick up the phone like "hey guys, let's do stuff" AND THEN GO DO IT. This is mostly due to the fact that I have THE most overprotective parents on the planet. *serious party popper* Whoopdeedo.
I'm gonna head here, but I'll be uploading the epilogue for HOTM and a new independent piece soon... y'know... when I write it.


Amy xxx


United Kingdom

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